Leadership Team

Every day the Coastal Community Health leadership team strives to instill a collaborative and welcoming environment at our facilities across Coastal Georgia.  At each location, we are committed to delivering high-quality, accessible healthcare to our patients.  Additionally, as our organization’s leaders, we are responsible for ensuring financial stability, ethical business practices, strategic growth, a diverse workforce, and technology that aids quality health outcomes.

Dr. Kavanaugh Chandler, MD MBA

Chief Executive Office

Dr. Briana Gray

Chief Medical Officer

Cheryl Woods

Chief Operating Officer

Martina Stoll

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Silva

Director of Human Resources

Sally Cedars

Executive Assistant

Board Leadership

Coastal Community Health’s board members direct and oversee the actions for the successful implementation of our mission and goals.  With their various backgrounds, they bring valuable and diverse perspectives to our organization.

Board members serve a three-year term and are eligible for re-appointment for one additional term. They are required to attend monthly meetings, and 51 percent of the board members must be patients of Coastal Community Health.

David Bravo

Dr. Kavanaugh Chandler

D’Jon McNair

Dr. Briana Gray

Eunice Sams

Faye Mathis

Felicia Flack

Jazz Watts

Jeff Clark

Marcyline Bailey

Martina Stoll

Michael Robinson

Sagrario Thomas

Samantha Young

Steven Sainz